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Raifu Wars Composer

2020 - Yotis Studios

Raifu Wars is a multiplayer turn-based strategy board game where players roll the dice to move, attack, and capture territory with their favorite bolt-action rifle girl.

Women in Science Composer

2020 - Luana Games

A science/farming game in development by Luana Games: Build and customize your farm. Join a community of epic scientists. Automate tasks, program robots, and race drones. Will you be able to maximize the productivity of your farm without harming the environment? The road will be full of pitfalls, but you may be able to turn the community into an example for the whole world.

Talif's Journey Composer

2019 - Zachary Yah

An RPG adventure game in development by Zachary Gibbons about a journey of a young Wizard named Talif. 

Eternal Hope Composer (Trailer Soundtrack)

2019 - Double Hit Games

On Eternal Hope you play as Ti'bi - a boy who must travel between two worlds in search of his beloved one's soul, trying to find a way to bring her back to life. Embark on a journey of love and hope and figure out clever ways to overcome obstacles in your path.


Chronicles of Uneskia Composer


Chronicles of Uneskia is a science fiction fantasy adventure that follows the decade long journey of the Brew brothers, Eren and Vance and their quest to stop a mad wizard from destroying the world.

2 Player Mahjong (二人麻将) Composer

2019 - Gila Studio

2 Player mahjong game developed for Andriod. 

Wind Traveler Composer

2018 - SheePixel

The Wind Traveler is a classic JRPG gameplay using a camera with 3/4 perspective and movement in 8 directions. Developed by SheePixel.

Amai Composer

2018 - onhold

A story about a young loft wolf cub who slowly finds out his past throughout his adventure.

Empire Patron Composer

2018 - Tech App Innovations 

On a distant planet, an interstellar spacecraft fell and crashed to pieces, on this spaceship was a cargo with a dangerous power source.

Kingslayer Composer


A game project/showcase developed by students of the University of Hertfordshire in Unreal Engine.

Guardians of Ancora Composer

2016 - Dubit Limited

An amazing virtual world that 8 to 11 year-olds can enter, and a place where the Bible stories come alive. Developed by Dubit Limited.


Hooded Composer

2017 - Danga International

"HOODED", is a short film which follows the life of PERRY(17), an ambitious Black teenager whose perfectly normal day goes pear shaped when he is arrested for a crime he has not committed and the hoops he has to jump to get cleared. The film touches on the sensitive matter of racial profiling within the police institution. Produced by Danga International Inc.

AJ Bell Investival Composer


An introductory video produced by Groundbreak Productions for AJ Bell's Annual Conference event. 

AerialStage Composer


Commercial/promotional showreel for aerial footage produced by AerialStage BSV-Productions GmbH.


Helianthus Composer


Helianthus - a supernatural short-film animation by Annika Ah-Chow.

Cavi & Mozz Composer


During Mozz's retreat mission, tooth fairy Cavi accidentally left the portal opened that led a mouse to enter his fairy realm. Stuck in a strange
place, Mozz the mouse begins to wander around without knowing the trouble he was going to cause. Animated and produced by Huong Ha.

The Devine Infection Sound Designer


Inspired by Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials", THE DIVINE INFECTION is a story of resilience, rebellion, and rebirth.

Cotton Clouds Composer


Help and be nice to everyone no matter your differences. Made at Edinboro University by Shellie Leibensperger.